sprinter power upgrade Easy to install. Our power meters are accurate, easy to install and are an outstanding upgrade option for both indoor and outdoor riding. Complete kit to upgrade your Side-Power 75T or 95T thruster from a 4-blade prop to the newer, quieter and more efficient 5 blades Q-Prop. For Sprinter 2500 3500 Mercedes Benz Dodge Power Window Lifting Master Switch (Fits: 2006 Dodge Sprinter 3500) 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - For Sprinter 2500 3500 Mercedes Benz Dodge Power Window Lifting Master Switch Our default PowerApps/Flow environment has the word "upgrade" in it and has a strange org number in it. Search, compare and save up to 30% on the perfect car hire for your trip. iRV2. Sprinter Van seat swivel base adapters made by SportsCraft and Scopema. The base variant of the Sprinter crew van starts at $39,500, and goes all the way up to $52,000 for the Crew Van 4500 model. Units have been specifically designed to fit the N62 secondary alternator bracket made available by Mercedes-Benz for the Sprinter van, but for which the manufacturer does not provide a complementary alternator solution. Can be adapted to all 75T and 95T models produced after 1998. It’s probably worth the extra price to upgrade to the 3. The ones I ordered were 5. Power that can be extracted after allowing 40A for daytime driving with air-con on. Our Airstream came with a Parallax 7355 power center. . Thanks to their rugged nature and impressive capabilities, many Sprinter vans are worked hard. A new four-cylinder gas and six-cylinder diesel engine, mated to nine- and seven-speed transmissions, are offered. Noise reductions of up to 75% measured in controlled environments; The expected and tested normal noise reduction in average installations 20-40% A client from Dallas, Pennsylvania, recently contacted the team at Mobile Edge to inquire about upgrading his 2018 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with a 360-degree camera system for added safety as well as several accessories to make using the vehicle more comfortable. Mercedes Sprinter Diesel Chip Tuning Boxes. A real bed is the difference between a van and a home. Koni shocks and heavy duty sway bars might be a good idea on a RV Sprinter. com Mercedes Benz continually improves on their classic Sprinter design chassis year after year, adding options and features that their customers demand such as extended cabs, four wheel drive, ultra high roofs, drivetrain upgrades, etc. S. The drive power of the Sprinter 4x4 is then distributed between the front and rear axles at a ratio of 35 to 65. com INCREASE YOUR SPRINTERS HORSE POWER! WE Guarantee you will love this upgrade or your money back! Chip tuning from RaceChip for your MB Sprinter (W906) 219 CDI BlueTEC (140KW). We intend to continue the service until April 15, 2019 . The best thing about customizing Mercedes Sprinter is that it is a car with great potential and as such with the right set of parts; it is bound to exhibit incredibly great performance. The 2020 Mercedes Sprinter cargo, passenger, and crew vans all are offered with three engine choices. The Progressive Dynamics 55 amp (PD4655V) unit was the right drop in replacement. That covers my radio / stereo system recommendations for the Sprinter van upgrade. Power Stop K2798-36 Z36 Truck & Tow Front and Rear Brake Kit Proprietary carbon-fiber ceramic materials enhance the strength of a typical ceramic brake pad compound to handle heavier loads Low dust braking validated through on-vehicle 3rd party tests in Los Angeles, showing on average 30% less dust versus OE Our OEM Sprinter parts and prices just can't be beat. 06” as that was the closest available. 99 Intercooler Upgrade, Includes Boost Tubes (red powder-coated) for 2013-2016 Chevy/GMC 2500/3500 6. S. Sprinter Forum. The kit can be easily installed by the buyer, or for an extra $5,000 the guys at Adventure Wagon will kit your van out for you. The bed lets us venture out in comfort, and it’s a key feature for any van dweller to take seriously. With its 3L V6 BlueTEC diesel engine under the hood, you'll enjoy a smooth yet powerful ride with class leading fuel economy estimated at 16-18MPG. For example, the Sumo springs upgrade, which is common for Sprinter owners to add, can actually counteract the control from the new Agile Fox Shocks and introduce vibration. Mercedes-benz Sprinter 2500 4x4 RV Information: Mercedes-Benz RVs When Karl Benz patented and produced the world’s first petrol powered vehicle in 1886, he surely couldn’t imagine the global conglomerate that would continue for more than a century under his name. You’ll find them under the driver’s seat. Additional Parts for Repairs And Upgrades. The Class C Sprinter motorhome is a downsized fuel sipping RV that has everything a big Class A motorhome has, but in a more compact and maneuverable package. 2021 Keystone SPRINTER 333FKS Travelcamp RV of Savannah - 530 mi. The higher voltage offers more power and efficiency while the bottle battery gives you a sleeker look, USB to charge your phone, plus a lock to keep your battery safe and secure. This camera can take a direct hit from a rock and it will still work like new. LED Headlights upgrade Mercedes Sprinter $1 12v to 110v Power Inverter, Perfect for Sprinter or Van Build $265 (Portland) pic hide this posting restore restore When you upgrade to the long-wheelbase body, the extra length increases cargo capacity to 488. Mercedes Sprinter V6 Diesel. 24RW. Now on my second Sprinter, I’ve learned that the 4×4 Sprinter is a maneuverable van, even the 170” wheelbase model. From the star on the grille to its spacious interior, the full-size Professional Series Sprinter limo reveals just how luxurious a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van can be. van upgrades, wheels, suspension, roof racks, rear carriers. 1,920 Watts of Power with USB Charging [Upgrade Inverter to 300 We guarantee that you get the right parts. The Sprinter backup camera simply replaces your middle brake light. The ultimate conversion power package includes a 315 AH Lithium battery, 3000 watt freedom inverter, Alternator, USB ports, and 12 volt outlets. Premium. The Billet Compressor wheel is far superior to the factory cast wheel especially at high altitude where the stock cast wheel has been known to fail. We carry wheels, tires & spacers, shocks, fuel tanks, off-road camping equipment, recovery gear, Aluminess & more for 2WD & Sprinter 4x4 2500 & 3500 vans! GreenMotion Rent a Car in the United States. In Eat Smarter, nutritionist, bestselling author, and #1-ranked podcast host Shawn Stevenson breaks down the science of food with a 30-day program to help you lose weight, reboot your metabolism and hormones, and improve your brain function. 5” Falken Wildpeak M/T Tires. 24TT. Typically, the average Sprinter van house battery will be two 12 volt 100 ah or higher batteries wired in parallel. SOUND SYSTEM. Increase your Sprinter’s Horsepower and Torque with this Dual Channel Power Module. 3. Tuning options / methods: - ECU Remapping / Software Upgrade - Plug & Play Chip - UniChip. It More than any other van in the category, Sprinter vans retain their value over time, so when it’s time to upgrade, you’ll get the most for your investment. This means its will perform like stock with better turbo response and added longevity. Building an adjustable bed system for your Sprinter conversion project? Let this be your guide. A must see Business Class sprinter van for all occasions including executive and family use. The Sprinter is a roomy, remarkably agile cargo van with plenty of power. Wheels attached to these Dana 60 axles are 20”x12” Black Rhinos wrapped in 37”x13. com only the best in parts and accessories for Sprinter, Metris, ProMaster, Ford Transit, , Connect, Express, E Series, Nissan, NV and VW EuroVan. 5-year effort to upgrade the International Space Station’s power system. POWER. LED Headlights upgrade Mercedes Sprinter $1 (pdx > Portland) 12v to 110v Power Inverter, Perfect for Sprinter or Van Build $265 (pdx > Portland) Winnebago is showing off its newest camper van, called the Boldt. If you are looking to upgrade the steering system of your vehicle to make the most out of your vehicle’s The dodge sprinter has become the logical choice as a dependable utility van in the United States. Yes see below. Can upgrade primary alternator Tuning the ECU of your Mercedes Sprinter Van is possible with VR Tuned. Make more power and torque and save money on fuel. Don’t have the tools or the time, after thousands of upgrades. Many people who are new to van life come into the scene without much experience. Access to Wi-Fi, iPad controls, premium sound system and TV monitor, Sprinter mobile office vans are designed to meet the demands of executive lifestyle. Our Sprinter van interiors all include a Nest Protect Smoke + CO2 Alarm, Fire extinguisher, night shades, Thermozite insulation, and sound deadening. I think it’s a logical and easy step to have an RV solar power system, even on a smaller RV like a Mercedes Sprinter van. Learn more about Price, Engine Type, MPG, and complete safety and warranty information. $42,999. Mercedes Dodge Freightliner Sprinter Discussion Forum. Power 12V DC equipment including a stereo amplifier, LED lighting, refrigerator, water pump, fan, and a cabin heater fan. Whether you?re trying to please the significant other or your kids or shopping purely for your own personal style aesthetic, Sprinter seat designs are versatile. Comes in a rare matte Magno Gray exterior finish with tons of upgrades. Power sensitive electronics through 120V AC, such as a laptop or microwave. Built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, our Weekender RV camper allows you to travel in impressive comfort with all the modern conveniences you rely upon: Refrigerator. An inverter takes direct current (DC) from a Sprinter van’s battery bank and converts it to an alternating current (AC). It's built from a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van but uses a rechargeable lithium-ion energy system in place of a diesel generator. 6L Duramax Models shown may include options/packages not standard on a MY19 or MY20 Sprinter. The Serenity and Unity by Leisure Travel Vans are built on the all-new 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 Cab Chassis, providing unprecedented levels of luxury, comfort, and safety previously not available in a Class C motorhome. Our list of RV Performance upgrades for Cummins-powered RV’s includes power RV Performance Chips or Modules, RV Performance Exhaust upgrades, and RV Water-Methanol Injection Kits. 00 Sprinter Parts & Service Store We carry a wide variety of parts, accessories and upgrades for Mercedes, Dodge and Freightliner Sprinter vans. Re: Alienware R7 Power Supply Upgrade many discussions in the community on this topic. Do more with your ebike with our wide variety of accessories to outfit your electric bike to fit your needs. Quantity: 1 per Pack. We currently carry fuel upgrades and tuners for the Dodge Sprinter and will be adding more parts to our catalog soon. Models shown may include options/packages not standard on a MY19 Metris. Two NASA astronauts breezed through a spacewalk at the International Space Station today (Jan. However, one of the reasons for the rush of low-rpm torque (and one reason why the ’11-’14 trucks stop pulling before 3,000 rpm) is due to its use of a restrictive turbo known as the Garrett GT32 SST. We also offer the Sprinter PedalBox accelerator tuning module which is plug and play and gives you more throttle with less pedal, boosting your out of the gate performance. By making the 2021 upgrades with the power inverter and solar controller (if solar package is chosen), it is now easier than ever to fully upgrade to a lithium battery option because the components that come with the The most innovative and effective Mercedes tuning solution you can buy – the safe alternative to an engine remap or ECU power chip! Choose the diesel engine tuning system with proven technology and a worldwide reputation – the tuning system specifically designed and calibrated for your vehicle. This additional power will first fully charge your 12V Auxiliary Batteries you can also use your 2000W inverter or 2800w (o) for 110V power. If you begin Step 1 of the upgrade before March 15, 2019 you can continue to complete the upgrade until the service is discontinued. Need more, upgrade to the MVP+ offering double the engine off run time with four Odyssey Extreme batteries. Not only does the V6 offer a stronger punch of power, it creates an astonishing 325 lb-ft of torque, which is more than competitors like the Nissan NV . (12-30-2018, 11:50 AM) graphix Wrote: (12-30-2018, 12:27 AM) justin Wrote: hi is it possible to change power output of 2017 sprinter 314 cdi using vediamo or Monaco?Not Use remap Sprinter Suspension Upgrades We have a suspension solution for all Sprinter models and all situations. This increasingly popular motorhome is based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis and achieves 15-20 mpg. There is also a 360-degree camera that The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a light commercial vehicle built by Daimler AG of Stuttgart, Germany as a large van, chassis cab, minibus, and pickup truck. The extended-length body gives the Sprinter its maximum The Business Class luxury Mercedes Sprinter offers every luxurious amenity a busy business executive expects in a mobile office van. 7L Power Stroke was a solid performer right out of the gate in 2011, with more low-end grunt than anything that’d come before it. Solar panels generate power (unit of measure: watts). Specifications are subject to change. A perfect Sprinter van accessory and ideal for outdoor gatherings. au/performance-packs/px-3-2l-stage-2-215kwThe Ranger PX 3. Bespoke Coachworks specializes in luxury made to order Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van conversions. The stock head unit continues to perform very well with the upgraded systems behind it. Unlock the full potential of your eTap AXS groupset by adding power. 87cm) Power: 1 AA battery: Measurements displayed with power upgrade: Watts, Speed, Distance, Calories, RPM (Cadence), Stage Time (can be reset by rider), Total Time, Telemetry Heart Rate: Compatibility A real bed is the difference between a van and a home. The best part is, our Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 Battery products start from as little as $109. Please select your vehicle from the drop-down menu. iRV2. If you want to run 120 volt appliances like an induction cooktop, microwave, hot water heater or similar, then you’ll also need an inverter to turn 12v DC power This overland Sprinter van with an interior by Tourig is built for heavy off-roading, with a solid axle swap out, 28-gallon reserve fuel tank, 40 gallons of water, 375 watts of solar and 600 amp hours of lithium batteries, this off-road rig is ready for anything. Press Release Winkler, Manitoba, June 11th, 2019 – Leisure Travel Vans, a brand of Triple E Recreational Vehicles, highlights advanced new Custom Van seats can be assembled based on the requirements of our valued customers. Struts, springs, and other upgrades could have some improvement, but may actually have the opposite effect when combined with just the two upgrades. Sprinter vans come in many shapes and sizes and we can customize them all. 0L Mercedes Toggle navigation. 99. Headquartered in Edwards, Colorado at 7500ft Kerma designs and tests products at high Elevation. Some people add a full-on 30 amp or 50 amp circuit with a special plug. The generator is also equipped with an auto start when more power is required. 7-amps every hour. 0L Engine! The New Garrett Sprinter Turbocharger is a Billet wheel only upgrade. The standard U. Whether you are looking for a cargo van, passenger van, recreational vehicle or lifestyle van we have all your sprinter van conversion needs met. 6) while performing upgrades to the outpost's power supply. sprinterstore. Premium. 6L Duramax Diesel Power Products is your diesel performance headquarters proudly located in Spokane Valley, Washington. There are many dedicated threads for Sprinter-Based RVs along with Conversions. 279 likes. Specifications are subject to change. The Ram Promaster comes with a 3. Fiamma awnings for Sprinter 2007 to 2021 F80S High Roof. Our core business is the Sprinter van seat conversion, where we are highly experienced with the replacement of car, van and minibus seats since more than 40 years. On my car the 12v switched power (i. The down-side is that there are really no premium technology options (for instance navigation or bluetooth) in a work van. With the upgrade, we wanted to maintain the steering wheel control and backup camera integration with a new head unit. Level 10 can’t be beat for speed and quality of workmanship. Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak is also popular for small leaks, with no detriment. Revel powered by RELiON – Agile’s Lithium Battery Upgrade. from $ 1,113. Titan Vans is a van conversion company based in Boulder, Colorado. In addition to more power, our initial tests indicate up to 3% better highway fuel economy. Optional dealer-installed upgrade to replace 2 AGM batteries with 2 LiFePO4 lithium batteries and upgraded power converter. This kitchen is part of DIY Sprinter Van Kits you can buy from Titan Vans. Including: Sprinter ladders, cargo carriers, brakes, suspension and engine modifications. The Mercedes Sprinter may sound extravagant or over-the-top as far as conversion vans go, but don’t be fooled by the three-pointed star on the grill. This new turbocharger from Garrett features: Best buy captain chairs available in different varieties at the lowest price. For more information please call 888-462-11155 or email us at [email protected] Below are some of the “extras” that this van has to offer: Gorgeous 2020 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van, just in from Midwest Automotive Designs. The upgrade will enable new types of scientific discoveries that are essential to sustaining US leadership in industrial, military, national security, consumer, and other sectors vital to Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 4X4,3500 4X4 RVs For Sale: 37 RVs - Find Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 4X4,3500 4X4 RVs on RV Trader. You may return items for any reason within 30 days. System Upgrade. Because the starter battery isn’t very big, most conversion vans use a separate 12 volt power system to run lights, a fridge, fans, chargers, power for a diesel heater and so on. Click the link above to go to the main board. Local Business. When you opt for a CHIP Express™ digital tuning system, you are choosing an innovate and bespoke tuning solution that has been specifically programmed and setup for your particular engine. In addition, our Sprinter came with the multi-function steering wheel control, Becker Map Pilot navigation system and backup camera. 75"W x 1. e. ” That means mains outlets attached to the house. Help!!! problem with my Dodge Sprinter. 12V at 120A Charging. It seems you just need to split Corsair 4+4 cpu cable of your Corsair CX550M, one 4 pin for Aurora cpu port, the other for GPU_PWR port on motherboard. Our ECU Upgrade transforms your van to a new level while offering a more enhanced driving experience. 4 to 2. View policy Hi, Our client is looking to change PowerBI Premium capacity from P1 to P2. That’s the same plug as RV parks use for hook-ups. $51,619. The 2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter starts around $34k, making it the pricier option. 120A from factory alternator. Models shown may include options/packages not standard on a MY20 Metris. Dodge Sprinter 2006, High Performance P-Series Saginaw Power Steering Pump by PSC Motorsports®. At Sprinter Upgrades, we specialize in products and accessories for your Sprinter van or Sprinter based RV. In the past the Sprinter has been sold under the Mercedes-Benz, Dodge, Freightliner, and Volkswagen nameplates. more info The 2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Crew Van comes powered by a new 2. This maximizes the already capable Sprinter's ability to transport large cargo or tow large loads without degrading performance. 6-liter V6 engine that offers 280 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque. RELATED READ: Don’t Be Fooled by the Dodge Durango, Its Overpriced Rhodes Vans Provide the best upgrades to turn your standard panel van into the ultimate adventure van, we have upgrades for Sprinter, Crafter, Transit and Transporter. What is the largest tire I can fit on a 2007-2018 (NCV3) Mercedes Sprinter? EuroCampers. Specifications are subject to change. Explore the wide range of captain chairs which gives premium comfort. 61 Gal/hr at the average half load when the inverter option is not in use and absolutely no Sprinter engine idling is required for AC, heating or hot water. Lithium Batteries should accept this level of charging for maximum performance. 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Upgrades & First Impressions Posted on November 28, 2018 November 28, 2018 With the holiday season well underway, the debut of the 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is drawing near with its release window between the end 2018 and early 2019. Nowadays, high-quality solar photovoltaic (PV) panels The Bigfoot AC-MB3 Automatic Leveling System For Sprinter Class B & C Motorhome is perfect for the RV'er looking to upgrade to hydraulic leveling. Depending on the module required for your vehicle, gain 20% to 30% more horsepower and torque. com! CHECK OUT OUR FACEBOOK: https://www. WB No matter if you are a sprinter or an endurance specialist, power2max track power meters are your reliable training partner. We've been running them on our van since 2016 and we're not looking back (our first set last 45K miles, we are currently on our second set): - 9500 BTU Coleman A/C (Color match Painted)- Marine Grade Shore power kit- 200 watts of Solar with charge controller (color match painted)- Dual AGM aux batteries charged by solar- Remote Control Fantastic Fan- CR Lawrence opening Windows with screens- Front Seat Swivels- Full Dynamat interior for sound proofing- Full 3 inch Thinsulate insulation- Mass Loaded Vinyl under floor for maximum sound proofing- $3,500 stereo upgrade with amp and subwoofer- LED lighting throughout Air Conditioning Bapmic 9065451213 Front Left Power Window Switch Compatible with Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 1500 Sprinter 2500 Sprinter 3500 Eliminator Upgrade Fix Repair for Sprinter 2500 4X4 RVs For Sale: 32 RVs - Find Sprinter 2500 4X4 RVs on RV Trader. Also see our Sprinter carpet floor mats, and all the other interior accessories for your Sprinter Van, RV, or Passenger Van. Power: 367 HP (series) RACE CHIP +67 HP; Torque: 520 Nm (series) RACE CHIP +123 Nm; 0-100 km/h: RACE CHIP 3,9 s 4,5 s (series) Getting the figures: Mercedes-Benz C 43 with RaceChip performance upgrade. Additionally Van seat covers can be easily selected. It works well for delivery and trades and makes an excellent base for a recreational vehicle. Gain 59% power with a Stage 2 diesel Tuning. 13"D (13. The 2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a full-size van that's offered in several versions. com Description Our proprietary ECU upgrade offers significant gains in both power and torque without sacrificing daily driver reliability. With over a Decade of experience installing and testing these systems at the Sprinterstore we have this Rare and Unique product that other “parts” distributors don’ t have. If it has a ECU and a engine, we can tune it! See all our VR Tuned ECU Tuning Here and view the Sprinter Van ECU Flash Here. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter - 3. And a snotload of real world experience says most any ATF or PS fluid will work. I chose to connect to the “Power with engine running” terminal, as I decided I only needed my amp and subs turned on when the van was running (and thus the alternator running too). Power Upgrades for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter: Trust a smart alternator regulator with your lithium-ion system Mar 9th 2020 The N62 standard accessory bracket has become important for builders integrating lithium-ion energy storage with the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter —and options for “powering up” the platform abound. –and decides puts the van into low power or “limp home mode”. Faster throttle response and better power through the short RPM range. We offer the best field tested sprinter suspension upgrades like Glide Rite 4-bag air ride, SumoSprings, Boss air suspension, Hellwig sway bars and Koni shocks. The Mercedes Benz 3500 Sprinter van chassis is both popular as a base chassis for RV manufacturers as well as "Do-it-Yourselfers". power when car is started) was non-existent because it is handled by some kind of a bus system. LTV Sprinter Upgrades An impressive feat of German Engineering, the all-new 2019 Mercedes-Benz 3500 Sprinter Cab Chassis is the perfect fit for the Unity by Leisure Travel Vans. Only on Rentcars. The easiest way is to run an extension cord through an open door, but that’s not very elegant, secure, or warm. (APS) proudly presents the MB-120N62-58V, a new alternator solution for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. The 2500 Sprinter Van comes equipped with 245/75R16 tires, but most folks looking to go off the beaten track (like us) choose to upgrade the factory tires for BFGoodrich KO2 245/75R16 All-Terrain tires. SAVE MONEY, GO ADVENTURE March 13, 2020. Expect sales to continue to Mercedes Sprinter LED Headlights upgrade Service $1 (Portland) 12v to 110v Power Inverter, Perfect for Sprinter or Van Build $265 (Portland) Super sharp 2019 Mercedes Benz Business Class Sprinter Van has just come to our lot – this one is a must see!. While the Sprinter is no doubt luxurious, it has also been engineered with the reliability, practicality and power of other conversion vans. Sprinter Van Chip Tuner Diesel Horse Power Increaser Module ® This product is compatible with all Sprinter Vans. They also have trans coolers and an auxiliary cooling fan. Key features of the Schwinn MPower Power Upgrade Power Upgrade dimensions: 5. Options include adding a cold air intake kit, a TDI performance chip or power module, injectors or nozzles, upgrading the exhaust or turbo, or making one of many other TDI performance parts your own. Reply June 25, 2020. You will experience the power and performance of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis in the View providing exceptional fuel economy and a comfortable ride. They convert Mercedes Sprinters (144, 170 and 170 Extended), Ram Promasters (136, 159 and 159 Extended), Ford Transits (RWB, LWB and LWB EL) and Nissan NV (1500, 2500 and 3500). com is the number one online community group with a ton of information about the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and related vehicles. We have over twenty years of suspension experience. 0-Liter naturally aspirated four cylinder which will churn around 188 hp and 258lb-ft of torque. Key Features: - 6 piston calipers. We make sure everything we sell is top quality and field tested. suspension for the passenger-carrying Sprinter is a comfort suspension with rear-spring vibration absorbers; the suspension for all other 1500 and 2500 cargo variants is equipped Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 2021 High Roof I4 Specs, Trims & Colors Change Trim Showing the 2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 High Roof I4 Sprinter 3500 Cargo Van 144 in. Mercedes Sprinter V6 Diesel. The unit has both a converter in the lower section, and AC and DC distribution panels in the upper section. away. 0-liter four-cylinder engine provides 188 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. 2 and 4. You can not only boost your engine's efficiency using performance chips and programmers, but also monitor coolant temperature, exhaust gas temperature Agile Off Road proudly presents our Lithium battery system upgrade for the Mercedes Sprinter-based Winnebago Revel 4×4 RV! This complete battery & charging system replacement is the first near-drop-in solution of its kind for the Revel platform. Our online storefront provides the most comprehensive catalog for your diesel truck and we offer the industry's best product support for your Dodge Ram Cummins, Ford Powerstroke, GM Duramax, Ram EcoDiesel, Nissan Titan XD, Volkswagen TDi, or Sprinter. 150A Factory Alternator. I bought the same JBL speakers to upgrade my Sprinter. 2021 Keystone Sprinter Limited 3550FWMLS Fun-N-Sun RV - Ludington - 573 mi. . 0L turbo-diesel V6 engine with Direct Injection and a turbocharger intercooler. If your vehicle usage and experience has shown a less than two year turbocharger life due to compressor wheel failure, this upgrade is right for you. $77,921. Dual-sided power measurement and the highest quality standard distinguish our NG and NGeco power meters for track bikes. VAN COMPASS™ FORD TRANSIT INTERCOOLER SKID PLATE (2013+) August 22, 2019 For today's RV Van market, Mercedes Sprinter continues to set the bar for excellence and dependability making them the top choices for today's consumer. Engine. Free USA Shipping. The generator is Re: Optiplex 790sff power supply upgrade Jump to solution there are Dell XE series psu that are long and look like the 790sff but they use proprietary 8 pin ATX connector, so can not be used in 790 sff. com in their custom van conversions. Seats for Sprinter vans come in a variety of shades, including black, white, red, gray, and even different patterns. Sprinter - Parleys Diesel Performance Diesel performance parts for improved fuel economy, power, and engine life. 0L turbo diesel found on the BlueTec 219, 319, 519 Sprinter Van can achieve amazing performance and driveability results once tuned. Banks Pullover Hoodie Banks House of Power Price: $44. away. AC power is the type of power that you have in a home where you can plug in regular appliances and they just work. Phone: 971-678-5940 mark@sprinterupgrades. Installation takes less than 5 minutes. The aerodynamic exterior elegantly defies the styling limitation typical of large luxury vehicles. ECU Remapping for Mercedes Benz Sprinter 313-513 CDi 129 bhp. The maximizes the already capable Sprinters ability to transport large cargo or tow large loads without degrading performance. 2020 WINNEBAGO VIEW 24D 315 AMP HOUR GTX BATTERY AND STERLING CHARGER UPGRADE MARCH 2021. Give us a call and Feel the Power! Not everyone has the ability to correctly install a transmission. Those upgrades are a diesel chip, an air intake, and an exhaust system. Overall I am very happy with the sound system. 25"L x 1. com has a number of performance upgrades. We offer SumoSpings by SuperSprings, Hellwig, Boss Air Suspension and other hand picked suspension items for your Promaster van. 99 Intercooler Upgrade, Includes Boost Tubes (red powder-coated) for 2013-2016 Chevy/GMC 2500/3500 6. Front Pipes. facebook. So as an example, if I have a 20-Watt electrical device on my 12-volt system I can calculate that it requires 1. Gear bought on crutchfield. The Mercedes Sprinter cargo van has two engine options. Power Box. Mercedes Sprinter 219 319 419 519 CDI Tuning options, power increases & prices. Mercedes-Benz Safety Package includes: Active Braking Assist, Attention Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist, Wet Wiper System, Distance Regulator Distronic Plus A 2011 Freightliner Sprinter is a fantastic vehicle for a catering business in many aspects. If I pump gas pedal nothing happens and I have to down shift with manual gear selector to 4th or 3rd to hold the power at 35 or so , if hill is steep dont know if will make it to top. Nothing makes a Sprinter Van Conversion feel homey more than a kitchen does. I need help to understand the below: What are the changes required to in Admin Portal or Workspace to complete setup. Experience the true potential and power of your MB. Plus power for your The Sprinter was redesigned for 2019 with new safety and infotainment features. With today's rapidly evolving electrical DC to AC inverters, solar chargers and advanced power storage battery systems the off grid versatility options are endless. The planned outages related to the El Mar Power Upgrade project are not anticipated to last longer than 8 hours. We need a way to recharge the battery from “shore power. - 356mm slotted rotors (slotted reduces heat on the rotor) - EBC Van specific Yellow Brake Pads UK made. Once installed, you will love your car all over again. The control panel has a manual mode to run each jack individually, an all-up light to acknowledge that all the jacks are up prior to driving off and an emergency retracts button to retract all four New upgraded Turbo with Billet Wheel for the Sprinter and CDI Bluetech 3. How to upgrade your stock Sprinter Van radio. But we recommend upgrading to two or four 6 volt deep cycle AGM batteries wired in series (for two) or series and parallel (for four). In the past the Sprinter has been sold under the Mercedes-Benz, Dodge, Freightliner, and Volkswagen nameplates. Our proprietary ECU upgrade offers significant gains in both power and torque without sacrificing daily driver reliability. The Sprinter Technology With highly advanced features like Active Brake Assist, rear-view camera display, multimedia touch screen control, and more, you’ll be taking to the road with ease. Parleys Diesel Performance offers the TDI Performance mods you need to get even better diesel fuel mileage , and to awaken the power of the Airsoft Power Upgrade. I am thinking it has somethin Floorplan. Please see our Promaster Suspension Package for maximum improveme . Limp home mode has little to no turbocharger pressure and vastly reduced fueling, and the engine is only making a fraction of rated power. Banks Pullover Hoodie Banks House of Power Price: $44. The 'Blacktop' has become a favorite among enthusiasts and is used as an easy power upgrade for the early Toyota Corolla models, especially for use in the drift scene. Due to the relatively high state of tuning of the stock engine, most power/torque gains come from higher lift cams and engine management. It concerns me that it says "upgrade" and that our default is what appears to be the PROD environment. This is one of the first models in the Sprinter family that starts to offer tech upgrades like lane departure alerts, backup cameras, and modern infotainment systems. View our Mercedes Sprinter 144 4×4 Story Maker features and diagrams. The 2. When it comes to mobility vans, we understand the importance of comfort and accessibility without sacrificing style. Minimum Age. After purchasing your van you should check for any mechanical issues or upgrade the van needs before beginning your work. or intercooler upgrade. If you do not begin Step 1 of the upgrade before March 15, 2019, we will disconnect your database and store your data for 30 days before deleting it. com Mercedes-Benz Sprinter features and specs at Car and Driver. Five years into our relationship with the Sprinter, I still love the van travel experience. W ith accurate power data, you can know if you are making the training progress you’re aiming for. Advanced diesel chip tuning boxes guaranteed to boost performance for the Mercedes Sprinter range. A must see Business Class sprinter van for all occasions. This wheel can increase in-service life by up to 300% from the original wheel design and may reduce service costs and downtime for Sprinter Van users. 8 megawatts, through the Proton Power Upgrade (PPU) project. The Sprinter Forum at Sprinter-Source. Van Compass Falcon Shocks! September 10, 2020. has or has been added. Your ability to craft a van conversion to your own idea of perfection starts with a choice of Mercedez-Benz platforms: A 170” wheelbase full-size Sprinter or a 144 Power steering systems will generally use a sliding-vane-type pump, which pushes more fluid per chamber, and doesn't have as tight internal clearances. New design with Jet Black exterior. Conversion accessories include Captain seats, Power Awning, 12 volt AC system, Webasto heater, MOAB bed system, and more. com is the number one online community group with a ton of information about the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and related vehicles. or intercooler upgrade. 2021 Keystone Rv SPRINTER 320MLS Great American RV SuperStores - 657 mi. Looses power on upgrade after warmed up for 1 or 2 hours. 1 cubic feet, since the high roof is standard. Available Sunset Red Sprinter 144 Story Maker with package upgrades and specifications. See price and status production in our inventory. PX 3. The Agile Off Road Sprinter Big Brake upgrade kit fits 2014-2018 (NCV3) & 2019+ (VS30) Sprinter 2500 4×4 vans with 17-inch (or larger) wheels. Also check out our other parts for Sprinter repair and maintenance. This allows the camera to be hidden in plain sight, it looks completely stock and is a great option for anyone with a Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van. Drivers aged between 21 and 24 might be subject to additional local fees and may not be allowed to book vehicles under the Premium, Specialty, SUV, Minivan, Van, Convertible, Utility and Luxury Vehicle categories. The system stores enough power to provide hours of continuous power with the engine off. We aim for ultimate creature comfort with our DIY sprinter conversion bed system—and, so can you. Overall drive-ability and responsiveness is improved especially on vehicles with automatic transmissions. Base prices start at $11,500 for a 144WB Sprinter and rise to $13,500 for a 170WB Sprinter, and Adventure Wagon can sell either individual components or entire kits. Keep in mind that my goal for the van was a low-stress, relatively low-cost buildout that wouldn’t consume months of my life. Brand New 2020 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van located at Euro Motors in East Fort Lauderdale. Our Weekender Mercedes Sprinter RV van lets you take everything you need along for the ride…while traveling in high style. com. Chip Tuning options available, DPF<br>removal, EGR<br>Removal, Speed limit<br>removal. A majority of our customers who own a Mercedes Sprinter coming to us for a Mercedes Sprinter ECU Remap are either builders carrying heavy loads or using their vehicles for courier work with UK Mail, APC Express, Interlink and so on – requiring both power and See full list on ridingroadsandtrails. We have over 20 years of suspension knowledge with over 12 years specializing in the Sprinter chassis. 30 day money-back guarantee. If you are a top wrench, we will supply everything you need to perform the upgrade. Perhaps most importantly, though, is the fact that transmissions contain clutches, and power steering systems typically don't. Instead of using mechanical differential locks, the van's all-wheel-drive works using the Electronic Traction System 4ETS. Sprinter vans are ideals for a conversion project, they have the adequate room for living, are quite durable and have the horsepower to deal with the extra payload capacity. So, every time you press on your gas pedal, you feel an instant response and a faster launch. These are both an offset seat swivel and will work correctly without opening the door to swivel. Both times I had mine changed out I used the genuine MB power steering fluid or the Mopar stuff, which is the same as the MB fluid. 34cm x 4. 45cm x 2. To make your factory four-wheel-drive Sprinter into a true off-road machine, you’ll need to add further upgrades to the suspension as well as the tires, but at least you’ll have a head start over those that need a full conversion done. 5J x 16" Light-Alloy Wheels, ABS brakes, Acoustic Package, Active Brake Assist, Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC, Active Lane Keeping Assist, AGM Battery 12V 92 Ah 850 A, Air Conditioning, ATTENTION ASSIST, Blind Spot Assist, Brake assist, C02 in Combination Our Signature Custom Conversion Sprinter Van embodies the versatility, innovation and customizable luxury that have become Fahrney Custom hallmarks over the past decade. 2007-2012 Sprinter 3. Up to 15% to 20% gain in horsepower and torque. Nonrelated Sprinter things to say? This is the place to be (although certain threads that are politically or religiously charged will be moved to the DZ). The power awning is hands free and includes exterior halo lights, a 12v push button, and optional legs to mount to side of van. Click the link above to go to the main board. Agile Off Road proudly presents our Lithium battery system upgrade for the Mercedes Sprinter-based Winnebago Revel 4x4 RV! This complete battery & charging system replacement is the first near-drop-in solution of its kind for the Revel platform. With its 5,000 pound towing capacity it definitely can bring some power to its resume, but overall not one of the best models in the last five years. Our Sprinter campervans can be custom built from any Mercedes model options to fit your exact needs: Welcome to your upgrade Today marks the start of a brand-new service experience for you, including enhanced features designed to add value and convenience. Our inventory of Sprinter genuine parts online also includes hundreds of parts for repairing your Sprinter after an accident or due to wear. A rearview camera is standard on the 2019 Sprinter. In the U. 0 black will ship late April. The 2005 manual states Mobile ATF-D. Re-badged and re-engined Sprinters were also sold by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles as the Volkswagen LT and the This revision increased the power to 119 kW (160 hp; 162 PS) at 7,800 rpm with 16. Mercedes-Benz claims that the Sprinter can be configured more than 1700 different ways, including—for the first time—with front-wheel drive, a feature being promoted for its cheaper 2007-2012 Sprinter 3. Dodge sprinter loss of power how to fix New Upgraded Sprinter Front Brake kit!! Get the correct stopping power needed for your sprinter!! This kit replaced the dual piston front calipers and stock solid front rotors. it is built from complete knock down kits by Freightliner. Whether you're looking for a repair or making an upgrade, we have the parts to keep you moving. Your Sprinter’s ECU senses something malfunctioning in the turbocharger system–either reading too much boost, too little boost, etc. The Power Diesel module they offer also adds a little power and is easy to install. away. Building an adjustable bed system for your Sprinter conversion project? Let this be your guide. Sprinter Van Suspension Upgrades: Van Compass Review. The 6. An optional Sprinter engine is a 188-hp 3. VAN COMPASS 4X4 SPRINTER SUSPENSION UPGRADES - EXPLAINED October 30, 2019. Access your generator easily inside the rear doors. 0-liter four-cylinder with a nine-speed Cummins ISX ISM ISL ISB Detroit DD S60 Caterpillar C7 C9 C13 C15 C18 Machines Volvo D13 D12 Mack Mp7 Mp8 Mp10 Hino Jo5e Jo8e Isuzu Npr BobCat JohnDeere Paccar Mx 13 The engine driven second alternator will serve to rapidly charge the batteries. Catalytic Converters. 1 seconds. A diagram from the Sprinter EK1 manual is included (left) showing the location under the drivers seat and also an explanation of each terminal on the connector. Batteries store power (unit of measure: amp-hours [the amps used multiplied by the duration of use]). (Second Alternator, Weights 20 lbs) You will have plenty of 110V power for long periods of time for an A/C, microwave (o), water heater (o), and other items, not all at the same time. Our vehicle selector lets you view only the items that fit your Sprinter eliminating the guesswork of ordering parts or accessories. We aim for ultimate creature comfort with our DIY sprinter conversion bed system—and, so can you. But the solar panels – which generate power silently, and are now very cheap compared to a decade ago, though they won’t generate power in the night or if they’re shaded. Premium. 2L Stage 2 starts with our trained technician f Dodge Sprinter performance chips and programmers contain performance 'tunes' developed and thoroughly tested with the dynamometer to provide you with exceptional function and quality you deserve. You Can Rent Before You Buy. S. If you’re looking for more performance from your International Diesel RV housing a VT-365 of DT-466, RV Performance upgrades are just a mouse click away. ) Sprinter Forum. Account. It rides comfortably most of the time, and it has a lot of power. We discussed the upgrade options available for the Sprinter and provided our insight into the features and benefits of each system. We have a suspension solution for all Sprinter models. Mercedes CDI Tuning Mercedes ECU Upgrade Mercedes RV Tuning Sprinter Van Tuning Turbo Diesel ECU Flash Upgrades include a bamboo top and clear-coat finish for $350, a black anodized frame and rails for $400 and gear tie-down L-tracks for each rail for $200. com Power 120V AC tools like a chop saw, table saw, heat gun, and an inline on-demand hot water heater product that I am prototyping. S. 0L V6 188HP 325 lb-ft Torque. New design with Ash Satin Wood Burl finish. Design and layout. Premium accoutrements add comfort and convenience, while a new front Our Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Mobility Van conversions offer performance, convenience and a luxury experience unmatched by traditional wheelchair-accessible vans. Instead of using mechanical differential locks, the van's all-wheel-drive works using the Electronic Traction System 4ETS. Starter (engine) battery connections on the Sprinter If you don’t have an auxiliary/additional battery package (no extra battery added by Mercedes under the hood, or under the passenger seat) then the only place you should really get power from is the special set of connectors made for that purpose. With Quarq’s premier power measurement technology The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a light commercial vehicle built by Daimler AG of Stuttgart, Germany as a large van, chassis cab, minibus, and pickup truck. How to test if capacity is changed successfully Most importantly, you only consume . 5 kg⋅m (162 N⋅m; 119 lbf⋅ft) of torque at 5,600 rpm. Twenty Sprinter Van Rental Outfits You Didn’t Know About 161,872 views; Buying a Used Sprinter Van – Top Ten Problems to Look Out For 150,910 views; Discover All The Crucial Facts You Need to Know Before You Buy a Sprinter RV (2016) 125,912 views; Sprinter RV Conversion Resources 112,935 views NASA astronauts Chris Cassidy and Robert Behnken will conduct a pair of spacewalks Thursday, July 16, and Tuesday, July 21, to finish a 3. It comes in cargo (two-seater), crew (five-seater) and passenger (as high as fifteen-seater) configurations. I found a new converter designed to be a drop-in upgrade to the converter portion of the power center. This default environment is where all of our PAs/Flows are. Speed-sensitive electric power steering is standard on all 2019 Sprinters except all-wheel drive models. Make more power and torque and save money on fuel. However, it is always good practice to be prepared for a power outage by protecting your computer and other electronics and having battery-operated flashlight, radio, clock, and extra batteries on hand. Open 10am to 6:30pm M-F Call us on: 01202 422 385. I aimed for a practical, simple, cost-effective design doable with basic power tools and a bit of chutzpah (over-confidence). The Sprinter Store www. There are many dedicated threads for Sprinter-Based RVs along with Conversions. In winter, I’m able to tackle icy roads with confidence. The 3. For others that buy these same speakers an adapter from Impact3D with a 5” ID cutout is required. Ram Promaster and Mercedes Sprinter Power . 2L | STAGE 2 | 215KW/690Nmhttps://www. The drive power of the Sprinter 4x4 is then distributed between the front and rear axles at a ratio of 35 to 65. 7-Amps of power and thus will use 1. It can tow up to 6,910 lb and accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 8. 0-liter V6 turbo-diesel engine for 188 horsepower and 325 lb-ft of torque. The 2020 36 V Sprinter HillTopper electric bike conversion kit is a big step up from our original systems both in tech and performance. Upscale your car today with premium quality parts from CARiD and be sure to enhance both its drivability and overall output ability. Suspension upgrades for your Dodge Ram Promaster van, cab chassis or RV. They are now primarily marketed by Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes Sprinter ECU remapping and diesel chip tuning is an exciting way to unlock the true potential from your commercial vehicle. The Mercedes turbo diesel engine gives the sprinter a reliable power-train. when this happens have to pull off and shut down engin and restart, most times that will stop the problem but Sprint Booster V3 is a plug-n-play upgrade that eliminates throttle lag, giving your accelerator a quicker response time. Phone: 971-678-5940 mark@sprinterupgrades. Yes, that's no typo, 15-20 mpg! @qclabrat I don't think sound tech has changed much, but stuff like power management, navigation, backup camera, steering wheel control, etc. American Power Systems, Inc. Van Life Upgrade with a Custom Kitchen. Car Rental Requirements in France. Sprinter Van - Power Step OEM $750 (pdx > Carver) LED Headlights upgrade Mercedes Sprinter $1 (pdx > Portland) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting Boost your horsepower, torque, throttle response and fuel economy with the advanced Innovative Performance Chip compatible with your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 & 3500! Safely gain up to +35 HP and up to +5 MPG in fuel mileage in your vehicle by safely optimizing your air/fuel ratio and timing curve for increased efficiency! Transform the feel of your Mercedes Sprinter CDI in minutes by fitting one our of diesel tuning chips More performance power for safer overtaking, and make a real difference to 0-60 times Increase the pulling power (torque) of your diesel engine and making climbing hills and make towing caravans and trailers a breeze The drivetrain upgrades on Bruce are least visible, but truly some of the most impressive upgrades on this Sprinter Van, It has full solid axle swap-outs with Dana 60 axles in the front and rear and old-school manual hub lockers. We chose the company's Sprinter-based Unity FX last year because of big upgrades made in 2019 to the Sprinter chassis, the automatic leveling system it had, and the easy way we could update it with Lithium and a larger inverter (the 2019 Unity came with just a 1,000-watt inverter. com That being said, here are the basics if you need them. 0L Mercedes Toggle navigation. Mercedes Benz Sprinter Upgrades. Your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 will be happy to know that the search for the right Battery products you’ve been looking for is over! Advance Auto Parts has 8 different Battery for your vehicle, ready for shipping or in-store pick up. It is definitely a huge improvement to the overall sound in the van and the general road trip experience. Inside, you will find the innovative SuperShell sleeper deck with premium thermal and acoustic insulation which makes the front bunk more comfortable than ever before for the kids or your Two astronauts on Sunday floated outside the International Space Station for the first in a series of spacewalks to upgrade the lab's aging solar power system, assembling a support fixture that But beyond its inherent versatility, the 2019 Sprinter gets a host of upgrades that make it much easier to use day-to-day. UPDATE: We install custom designed kitchen cabinetry like this for RoostVans. 0L V6 Turbodiesel 115V Socket, 2 Additional Master Keys, 2 Stage Opening Sliding Door, 3-Button Remote Control, 6. We have answers for both rear suspension and front suspension. 24FB. CARiD offers an entire line of high-quality 2016 Mercedes Sprinter performance parts that can upgrade your car to deliver the power, handling and braking you want. hp-f. The Sprinter Forum at Sprinter-Source. Exhaust Brakes. When it comes to diesel performance, there is a trinity of upgrades that are fairly easy to install, affordable, and that every diesel owner should make to their vehicle in order to improve fuel economy and power. Shop Electric Bike Accessories and Gear at Rad Power Bikes. Our Sprinter Van Conversions are Custom Designed and Built to Meet Your Needs. For most car rental companies around the world, the minimum age requirement is 25. Looking to add a little extra power to your Sprinter van engine? Take a look at our high flow air filters, alternators, and if you’re really serious about adding some oomph, consider our turbo charger. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. The Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) is doubling the power of its proton beam, from 1. Diesel performance tuners, intakes, and exhausts for Powerstroke, Cummins, and Duramax diesels. com/FloridaVanManIf you generally appreciate what we do and would like to make a donation, you can do so here: h The Sprinter 144 Story Maker power awning is hands free and includes exterior halo lights, a 12v push button, and optional legs to mount to side of van. For all our van seats for sale, please study NATIONWIDE DELIVERY AVAILIBLE, Graphite Gray 2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Crew 144 WB RWD 7G-TRONIC 7-Speed Automatic 3. This awning is the perfect Sprinter van accessory and ideal for outdoor gatherings. The Sprinter Power Brake package offers measurable brake performance improvements to Sprinter owners using OE factory brake calipers. S. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Performance Chip - Increase HP, Torque & Gain Up To 9+ MPG Increase your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter performance and fuel efficiency quickly and safely by installing the Vertex Performance Module. The standard powertrain is a 188-hp turbocharged 2. sprinter power upgrade